The earth is dying, wake up !


Today I read an article about climate change and the Great Barrier Reef which is in danger of extinction and it made me extremely sad, frustrated and scared. 80 % of the northern Great Barrier Reef is close to extinction, and the main cause for this is coral bleaching which is caused by water pollution and increase of water temperature that forces the corals to shed the algae that live in symbiosis with them and provide them with all the essential nutrients. The rise of water temperature and increased UV radiation are induced by climate change, plastic waste and over-acidification of the oceans. Fertilizer and pesticides (mainly from the animal industry) find their way into the oceans where they destroy the ecosystem. Due to fertilizers the crown-of-thorns starfish proliferates drastically and destroys the corals. Corals and starfish used to be in perfect balance (like any ecosystems which aren’t disturbed by humans), and the starfish were even NEEDED for optimal health of the reef, however, now through human interaction the amount of starfish is way too high and prevents the corals from regenerating themselves fast enough. Tourism, the Australian coal ports and overfishing also play a significant role in the dying of the coral riff. Isn’t it sad that something so breathtakingly beautiful that was built over millions of years and resisted volcanic eruptions, ice ages and continental drifts is now getting irreversibly destroyed by humans within a matter of years?! The dying of the Great Barrier Riff is just one of many catastrophes we have induced and most of it is related to the animal industry (watch „Cowspiracy“ and „Before the flood“ for further information). I just don’t get it – there is SO MUCH information out there, climate change and pollution are discussed in the media on a daily basis, and still most people don’t seem to care or even know about it! How can we be so blind and ignorant? Why do we ignore such important problems? It makes me so angry to hear people talk like „Oh no, this is so sad“ or „the politicians should do something about it“, but don’t think twice about their own actions and lifestyles. It’s not just the „bad politicians“, it’s us – we all are contributing to ecological devastation in some way, whether we want it or not. In the world we live in it’s not possible to live completely harm-free and sustainable, but we can do our best to try to cause the least harm possible. EVERYONE can do something about it, no matter if you’re withe or black, young or old, rich or poor, confident or insecure – we all have the power to change something and do something good. You don’t have to be „perfect“ or better than anyone else, it’s not a competition – the only thing you should strive for is being the best version of yourself and doing the best YOU can! It’s not the others, or the politicians, or society who needs to change, it’s YOU as an individual ! You can’t decide for others, you can only decide for yourself. If everyone just says, „This needs to change“ or „xy needs to change something about this“, change won’t ever happen. It has to begin within yourself! Don’t ever think „I’m just one person, I can’t make a difference“ because YOU CAN! Every single person matters – every huge movement consists of many individuals who have made the decision only for themselves, but it adds up and every movement has to start somewhere. I am also just one individual person who has made the decision for herself, but I realized that I really can make a difference! I can inspire other people to go vegan (which already happened with many of my friends and it makes me so happy and proud), I can pick up trash outside, I can raise awareness about environmental degradation, I can donate money to ecological organizations, I can be aware of my own consumerism and try to improve it as much as I can. I don’t get why so many people get annoyed by those who stand up for environmentalism and try to raise awareness or to call people „eco freaks“ because they care about the environment?! Why do you get annoyed by people who tell nothing but the truth and try to raise awareness? And why is it odd to care about our planet, our HOME? Furthermore, I don’t get why some people keep picking on environmentalists and pointing out all the things they’re still doing wrong and telling them, they can’t tell other people to care about the environment as long as they themselves aren’t flawless. First of all, most of those people are doing far worse than the people the shame, and second of, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing the best we can to reduce harm to our planet. You don’t have to live in the woods without clothes, a house and electricity, and pick berries to have some food. As long as we keep being part of society and using any of the items that make our lives easier and comfortable, it’s impossible to eliminate harm, however, we can definitely reduce it a lot. Nature is incredibly strong, it has the ability to endure and level out a lot of damage and regenerate itself, but the incredible amount of damage we’re inflicting on it is not compensable anymore and is going way too fast for nature to regenerate itself. We need to do something NOW! Sadly, a lot of damage we’ve done is irreversible, but it’s still not to late to turn around and stop, or at least slow down, ecological destruction. It’s all in our hands. Please wake up, stop talking and start DOING! Someone sent me a very true and beautiful quote: „I’m not an optimist. I’m not a pessimist. I’m an activist.“ The planet needs you. It’s our home. Please care for it.



Of course there are more ways to protect the environment than „only“ veganism, but cutting out or reducing animal products plays a huge role!


Dare to be yourself!


Why are we so afraid of showing our real selves to the world? Why do we always try to fit in and be someone else? Why do we constantly overthink everything we said, thought, wrote and did, and feel uncomfortable and insecure? Yes, sadly this society lacks respect and acceptance, and you get judged very quickly, but most of the times we just imagine it to be worse than it actually is. You may think about your „awkward“ laugh for days and assume everyone is talking about you because of it and think you’re weird, but actually they have forgotten about it already after some minutes and don’t waste a single thought about it anymore. Yes, it takes a lot of courage to be yourself in today’s society, and you might get sh*t from some people, but you will also find REAL friends (that actually like for who you really are, not your pretended self) and the people that actually matter will appreciate and adore you for who you are. The only way to leave a footprint in this world and inspire people is when you are truly being yourself. This is how you can impress others, and change something, and it will make YOU happy and fulfilled. There’s no way to getting genuinely happy with your life and yourself if you are pretending to be someone you’re not. It will make you feel exhausted, drained and empty, and one day you will be sitting there thinking, „Who am I, actually? What do I like? What are my passions? Have I really lived up to my values and followed my passions? What do I think? What is even my opinion?“ And you won’t find an answer. Sooner or later this moment will arrive (if it doesn’t, you won’t ever feel fully alive and keep living your halfhearted life). Constantly acting and pretending to be someone else is exhausting and makes you feel sick, and you might have a breakdown as soon as you’re alone again. It literally makes sick. It kills your soul. You’re poisoning your heart. I know it by own experience. It’s such a freeing, wonderful feeling when you can just be yourself, say what you really think, hug someone when you feel like it or holding your friend’s hand without thinking if it might be awkward, joking without being afraid the others might won’t laugh about your joke, dancing around when you feel like dancing and not caring how it looks. Doing the things YOU like and not just because others are doing it. If you don’t like going to parties, don’t go to parties. Don’t force yourself to be an extroverted party lover just because all your friends are like that and society thinks it’s cool and normal, and if you don’t like it there’s something wrong with you. If you love historical books or ancient languages or crochet, then DO IT for God’s sake (sorry for the swearing, but I think it’s appropriate in this case) ! It doesn’t matter if others think it’s „uncool“ or „not normal“ or whatever. No matter what you do, you will always get judged by some people and you can never satisfy everyone, so better do what you love, then at least one person is satisfied (namely YOU which is the most important) and if you get judged anyways, then better be happy while getting judged!🙌🏻 It’s so sad that people can’t accept that other people have different opinions, passions and hobbies. Why is it such a big issue when people are gay, enjoy classical music, or don’t like wearing bras or shaving their arm pits? Honestly, it’s not important at all and as long as your opinion and lifestyle doesn’t hurt any other beings or the planet, it’s totally your decision, your life and NO ONE has the right to judge you for it. Why can’t we all spread some more love, respect, compassion, acceptance and empathy? I’m so sick of hearing things like, „Look at that girl, she’s wearing YELLOW pants. How can you wear yellow pants? That’s so awkward“, „This woman is so fat, how does she even dare to wear leggins?“, or „He’s a boy and he likes dancing and writes poems, he’s so weird. He’s more like a girl, he should be more manly.“ And yada yada yada. I can’t hear it anymore. Just let them BE. Live and let live. Let’s all just be ourselves, say what we really think (of course without hurting others), follow our passions, do the things we like and avoid the ones we don’t, be with the people we like and respect others just like they are and love them for their lovely character traits. And literally EVERYONE has good traits, no one is just „bad“ (which is subjective anyways). You can find good in everyone, so focus on that. Be kind, respectful and understanding. And please, please, don’t hide yourself anymore, dare to be yourself, you’re special, unique and awesome just as you are and your thoughts and opinions matter, so dare to speak them out loud and share them with the world. It’s an enrichment for everyone, even if they don’t agree with you. It’s always good to see things from different perspectives. Try to form your own opinions, and don’t just adopt the ones from the people around you. You are capable of doing so. You have a brain, so use it. You have a mouth, so use it (but wisely!). You have hands to write, so write if you prefer that to speaking. Words are so powerful. YOU are powerful. But only if you are the real and pure YOU. It honestly doesn’t matter what other people think about you. I know, it’s incredibly hard. I’m working on it myself as I struggle with that, too. But I can happily say that I’ve grown so much the last years and learned so much about myself, and many times I really dare to say what I think, or write my real thoughts here on the internet where everyone (and even some of my classmates/schoolmates which is absolutely scary as I don’t have any clue what they’re thinking about me since they never talk about it with me) can read them. I can wear what I really like, although I’m often worried people might laugh at me and think I look bad or childish or whatever. I dare to say what I like and dislike, do the things I love and stand up for it, and avoid the things I don’t like. Yes, sometimes insecurity hits me full force and I don’t manage to open my mouth anymore or to say no or to really be myself, but I’m working on it, and I’m getting better and better with every day. I’ve already come so incredibly far. I’m getting me more with every day. And you can do it, too. Believe me, I’ve been there, too. I was so incredibly shy, insecure and always copied other people, never dared to speak up my mind, stand up for the things I’m passionate about, have my own opinion, do the things I like and admit when I don’t like doing some things. But I managed to get where I am now because I constantly worked on it. Do yourself and your peace of mind a favor, and free your soul. Allow your captivated spirit to expand to it’s full potential. You are wonderful, I love you.



„Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.“




Be grateful for what you have.


[Text from 20.09.2016]

Yesterday my phone suddenly shut down, my screen turned black and I couldn’t restart it for like three hours. I thought it was broken-down. But fortunately I could restart it with a special key combination. But this really made me think about some things. I’m so used to having a phone and always have it available, I use it for so many things. I listen to music on my phone (which is the most important thing for me), I take pictures (memories!), I connect with my friends and people all around the world (on Whatsapp and Instagram), I write texts and notes for myself, I use it as alarm clock and of course for phoning and sending text messages. And I bet you use your phone (or other electronic device) just as much. However, somehow we take all those things for granted. We’re so used to having all this electronic equipment, a home, a warm bed, food, clean water, a shower, a heating and living in a peaceful country without war. We are so privileged and we don’t even recognize it, we just take those things for granted. Not because we’re bad humans, but because we’ve never known anything else, so we can’t imagine being without those things. Of course we shouldn’t feel guilty for having those things, but we should be grateful and honor them. And we should be aware that there are lots of people in this world who aren’t that privileged. I know, a not working phone isn’t the end of the world, but it just made me think about a lot of stuff and I’m just really greatful for having all those things and never having to worry about money, not having a place to stay or even loosing my friends and family members in a war. Let’s just take a moment to be grateful!🙌🔮✨🌿🐾

EVERYONE can make a difference.


[Text from 14.09.2016]

Today I had a little conversation with someone about veganism and environment protection in general. He said „You’re right and I also think that we shouldn’t eat animals and we should save the planet. But animals will go extinct anyway and our planet will be destroyed soon, too. It’s too late. We can’t do anything anymore, there are too many humans doing the wrong thing.“ – First of all, I have to admit: Yes, society and our whole world is pretty fucked up and the majority of people act like assholes (I purposely don’t say they ARE assholes, because really few people are 100 % „bad“). BUT is this a reason not to do the right thing? Should we already give up and don’t do anything about it, just because it’s „too late“? Seriously, that argument is so stupid. It’s like saying „there’s war in the world anyway, so why should I fight for peace?“ or „there are people getting murdered anyway, so why should I not murder other people?“. We should always do the right thing and fight for what we believe in. We should always follow our moral values. If we don’t even do what seems morally right for US, then who are we as a person? We loose ourselves if we don’t follow our passions and beliefs. This is what minds us and defines us as a person. If we say, „but I’m only one person“ that’s not a valid argument either because if nobody changes, nothing will ever change. In order for change to happen, we have to change as an individual. Every single one of us. When every single one of us does the change, everything will change. I know, I’m only an insignificant little girl, but I will fight for my beliefs and I will do what seems right to me. I will do the best I can do to make this world a better place, even if my impact is minimal. EVERYONE has the ability to change something. We have the right to vote, we have a mouth to talk and a body to act. Even what we buy and consume has an impact on the whole world! If demand decreases, supply will decrease, too. And the other way around: if demand increases, supply will increase, too. This is how economy works. So don’t ever think you can’t make a difference. You HAVE the power to change something. And even if there is no hope, you should still listen to your own beliefs and do the right thing and fight for a better world, even if it is just for YOUR peace of mind. Don’t loose hope, the fight isn’t over yet.

Why is it so hard to love yourself?


[text from 02.09.2016]

Everybody talks about self love. In all the magazines there are self love tips next to the „how to loose 5 kg’s in one week“-tipps. We tell our friends and people on social media that they should love themselves and that they are worth it. But we can’t believe it ourselves. Why is it so incredibly hard to love ourselves or even accept ourselves? To not only be kind and compassionate towards others but also towards ourselves. We are humans, too. Why can we see the beauty in others so clearly, but not in ourselves? Self love is one of the most important things in life. I truly believe that it is the key to happiness and success in life. Talking about success, I don’t mean earning a lot of money, having good grades at school or a big house or a lot of friends and being popular. I believe that success is being happy and confident and loving what you do. Being in peace with yourself and the ones around you. For me, self love is one of the hardest things. I never really liked myself (not even as a little child), although I acted as if I was confident. But I wasn’t. I always was insecure and struggled with self-esteem. It also didn’t help that I got bullied for ten years and also criticized a lot from family members. I never learned how to practice self love. I don’t know how it feels to look in the mirror and not hating what you see, to go out in public and not being ashamed of yourself, to say something and not feeling stupid and insecure. I spend hours scrolling through instagram, screenshoting every beautiful girl I see, staring at her and wishing I looked like her. But why do we think we have to look like somebody else? Beauty standards are bullshit. There is no such thing as the „perfect body“ or the „perfect look“. Everyone has their own kind of beauty. I know, this sounds cheesy, but it’s true. For example, I have two good friends at school. I truly believe that they are really beautiful and guess what –? They don’t have blue eyes, long blonde curly hair and the „perfect“ model body. And yet they are beautiful. I see them laughing, thinking, talking and I can see their sparkling eyes when they talk about something they love, and I just think „Wow, they are so beautiful.“ But this are all things that you can’t see when looking in the mirror. And you don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful. I think getting told you are beautiful is like getting told the grass is red. Although you love and trust the person who is saying it, you can’t really believe her because you clearly see that the grass is green. No matter how convinced the person is and how many times she will tell you the grass is red, you will still believe it’s green because that’s how you see it. Our mind is powerful. What it gets told, gets his reality. For years I have been told that I’m ugly, stupid, fat, crazy, a failure and not worth it. After some time I started believing it myself and started telling it myself. So it got my reality. But if it works this way, it should also work the other way around. Start telling yourself that you are beautiful and enough, every time you look in the mirror, even if you can’t believe it yet – it needs a lot of time, but it will certainly do it’s work in your subconscious mind. Say it again and again and again. One day you will eventually believe it.

Selflove talk


[Text from 11.10.2016]

I wanna talk about something VERY important. It’s something a lot of people talk about and I’ve also talked about it quite often, but it’s something that is really meaningful to me and it’s on my mind a lot. It’s the thing about self love, perfectionism and self hate. It’s something each of us knows, some more and some less, but everyone knows guilt, self hate and jealousy. I constantly criticize myself, compare myself to others, think that I am ugly, fat, boring, annoying, childish, and so on, or I think „Why is she so beautiful/cool/funny/smart/intelligent/interesting/thin/etc. All the time, I just can’t stop. It drives me crazy and I get angry at myself. Seriously, what’s the point in that?! Why is this topic such a big issue? Why is it so freaking hard to love or even ACCEPT and don’t be so hard and hateful on oneself. People tell us that we are beautiful or have a great personality and talents, and maybe we feel grateful and amazed at first, but we can’t truly BELIEVE it. It just doesn’t reach our hearts. Why can we see the beauty in everyone else but not in ourselves? Why do we hate ourselves when we do something wrong, don’t do things „perfectly“, get a bad grade, disappoint our parents, aren’t talented or sporty enough, etc.? We are so kind and understanding towards others, but not towards ourselves. Why? Why do we feel bad when we harm others, but we feel it’s okay and needed to harm ourselves and it „doesn’t matter because I am nobody and I deserve it“? You ARE someone, you are important, too. Like everyone else. If you harm yourself, it’s the same as if you harm someone else. Why are you so hard on yourself? Everybody makes mistakes, nobody is flawless and nobody has a „perfect life“. Why do we always feel like we need to be „perfect“? Why do we think that being thin, having long shiny hair and big eyes, a straight nose, flawless skin, wealth, a good job, good grades, etc. equals perfection? Perfection is subjective anyways. I know, many people say „nobody is perfect“, but I would rather say „Nobody is flawless, but everyone is perfect in their own unique way.“ Everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s not only your look that makes you beautiful, but also the way you laugh, the way you talk and your sparkling eyes when you speak about something you’re passionate about, when you help someone, your kindness and love, when you are just being yourself and really do the things you love. There is so much beauty in you. Stop hating and criticizing yourself, stop comparing yourself to everyone else because it doesn’t matter. Everyone is different and that’s amazing. How boring would it be if everyone was and looked the same? If everyone was „perfect“ (or better what society calls perfect) and flawless? Each and everyone of you is precious and you matter. You are loved and you are beautiful. Think of your body as a little child – would you really want to hurt and hate a little innocent child? Treat yourself like you treat others and tell the nasty thoughts and feelings about yourself they should go to hell because that is exactly where they came from. I hope so much that one day we all will be able to truly love ourselves and appreciate our actions and work, and truly believe people when they compliment us. Someone who loves himself will radiate happiness and truly shine from within, and that is exactly what makes him beautiful. To everyone who is reading this now: You are beautiful and I love you.❤️

Today’s school system sucks.


[Text from 26.10.2016]

Today’s school system sucks.

They have the right ideals and principles, but they attempt to reach their objective through the wrong means. They strive to teach us everything we need for life, yet we just end up being exhausted, stressed and anxious all the time, and see school as a duty. Actually, education is such a significant and beautiful thing, and it’s so precious and interesting to learn new things. However, we can’t enjoy learning anymore because all this pressure to perform, stress and schedule is driving us crazy, and is left to be the only thing we can focus on. The tight rule system doesn’t allow us to grow as individuals, it kills our creativity, the ability to think by ourselves, our sensibility, our personal responsibility, natural curiosity and pleasure to learn something new. Instead of learning useful skills and significant information, we have to learn thousands of words by heart, tenses we don’t even use in our own language (like past perfect subjunctive passive in Latin or the aorist in ancient Greek) and solve math problems we won’t ever need in our lives. Instead of really speaking a language, we have to learn where to set the comma, and when to use the subjunctive, but fact is that most pupils would be completely lost if they were in another country and actually had to speak that particular language. Honestly, I’d much rather discuss certain topics or write essays in English class instead of doing grammar exercise after grammar exercise each lesson. In fact, the last three months where I started reading english books and articles, watching english documentaries and Youtube videos, writing own texts and talking English with my friends who live abroad, my English skills improved far more than they did in all the years of education and English lessons.

Another flaw I see in our school system is that we don’t really learn about the important things in life such as self love, empathy, compassion, team work, kindness and helpfulness, friendship, how to deal with misery and issues, to be creative, to solve problems, to use our own sense, how to protect the planet we live on, critical thinking and questioning things, how to handle outgoings, or how to pay commitments and duties. To be classified as „intelligent“, you just need to achieve good marks, and for that you simply need to have a great memory, and the ability to learn things by heart. You don’t really have to adopt your knowledge anymore, or use your own sense and imagination. It’s so sad that people who aren’t that talented in learning by heart get bad grades, and therefore get classified as stupid. Even if someone is lacking math skills, why does that mean he’s lacking intelligence? What about being good at drawing, writing, sports or playing an instrument? Why are subjects like maths or German superior to subjects like art or music? If you’re not good at art, it’s „okay because not everyone is good at it“, but if you’re not good at maths, you’re dumb or not intelligent enough? Intelligence doesn’t mean having a certain IQ or reaching certain marks or degrees. To me intelligence means to be able to think „outside of the box“ (or simply realizing there IS no box, but well, that’s another topic), to be open-minded, to think critically and question our system and ideals, to think on your own, to recognize patterns and connections, to be respectful, compassionate and empathetic towards other living beings, being aware of the impact of your own decisions and actions, using your knowledge in a reasonable way and being willing to work on and educate yourself and improve. However, in our society it’s all about a certain degree, nobody is interested in one’s faculties anymore. I’m at a grammar school, and let me tell you: most of the students there aren’t any more intelligent than students at „normal“ high schools or at least they’re not using their intelligence efficiently. They just know how to learn by heart, or copy someone else’s work, but they aren’t able to think on their own, and most of them are totally shallow and unable to be empathetic. Meanwhile, there are very intelligent people who are at a normal high school, but therefore classified as less intelligent (which is pathetic). In addition, many teachers are so stingy. On Monday we had to write a composition about fear (it wasn’t even a test, it was just an exercise). I started writing and I got into my usual writing flow. I’ve already written a few lines when my teacher interrupted me, and said I needed to write on a ruled paper instead of a checked one. Why? Because everyone else writes on a lined paper. So I needed to start my composition all over again, and it frustrated me so much that I had a hard time getting back into the flow. Some rules are so pathetic. Who cares if I write on a checked paper if he doesn’t even READ my essay?!

For the majority, school is just something boring and idiotic, but for the ones who are a bit more sensitive, it is horrific. It’s pure stress, pressure, anxiety and exhaustion, and it destroys them. It takes away their happiness, curiosity, creativity, passion, and strength. At the moment, I see so many girls who are exhausted and broken, and feel like they can’t handle it anymore (me included). This is what school does to us, it burns us out. It feeds our perfectionistic, overly ambitious society who forces us to always achieve the best marks, get the best job, earn the most money, have the slimmest body, and to be flawless in general. We have to be perfectly adjusted parts in our society and we need to be profitable for economy, otherwise we’re useless. If we seem to be slightly different than the great mass, we get classified as strange and mad, and therefore not suitable for society. We always have to accomplish, and we don’t get a break. There’s not much free space left for fun, laughter, creativity, hobbies, or relationships. Most adults I know don’t even have real hobbies anymore, all they care about are their jobs. Actually, I’m a very overall interested person, and I love to learn, expand my knowledge and educate myself, but the pleasure is clouded by the pressure to perform and the anxiety. Something needs to change. We can’t go on like this, or we’ll soon burn out. We need to have the opportunity to express ourselves, be creative, to advance our opinion, and to take a break if we need one (like running around the school, or drawing a picture to bring back concentration and motivation). We should be able to learn with joy and at our own pace, without stress and pressure, and every form of intelligence should be validated. Dear state, please stop pushing us far over our limits. Don’t let us burn down.


Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog!
If you found this blog, you probably already know me (maybe from my Instagram acccount @gainbackmyhappiness), but I thought a quick introduction would be appropriate. So here we go: I’m a 16-year-old girl from Switzerland with a passion for art, music, writing, books, deep conversations, nature, psychology (especially MBTI), animals and veganism. I am a very introverted, sensitive, empathetic, private and friendly person, and I care deeply about the world and all living beings (including humans and animals). I love connecting with people on a deeper level. However, I need solitude to recharge as social interaction exhausts me. If you know me well, you know that I’m always thinking deeply. Like, always. When no one interrupts my thinking process with unnecessary talking or noise, I probably just zone out and start thinking about life, society, our world, the universe and our whole existence. And sometimes (or better most of the time) I OVER-think. But that’s another story. Another thing you should know about me is that I’m recovering from several mental illnesses, including an eating disorder, anxiety disorder, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), depression and self harm. I know, that’s a long list, and that’s not even everything. But I won’t bore you further with diagnoses. I experienced severe bullying, physical and sexual abuse, and there are/were a lot of problems in my family. I won’t go into detail as this is my privacy and not something to know for the whole world. I just wanted you to know that I’m currently recovering, and that there are reasons for my illnesses, that’s it.
There are so many more things I could tell you about me, but I don’t want this blogpost to get too long. So I’ll come to the next point: How did I come to this name? Well, I went for a walk this morning and thought about creating a blog. After I had decided to do it, I thought about a name and immediately the German term „Sternenfänger“ came to my mind. As I want everyone to understand my blogposts and the name of my blog, I just took the English version of this term which is „starcatcher“. The „little“ is just for decoration (and because the name starcatcher was already taken). 😉 I chose this name as I’m never satisfied with the mundane and shallow things of everyday life. I’m always looking for something BEYOND, and I crave depth. I’m a dreamer and I love to reach after the stars. I want to dream, have deep conversations and deep thoughts. And I’m in love with stars and the Milky Way. I feel like there are more hidden reasons why I chose this name, but right now this is all I can think about. Maybe the „little“ still fits me quite well as  I’m pretty young for a starcatcher, and in comparison to the world and the whole universe I am indeed very small. So this is how I came to the name „little starcatcher“.
Last point: What are you going to see on this blog? Well, basically everything that interests me and runs throw my mind. My thoughts on topics like society, self love, today’s school system, positivity, etc. and anything related to art, recovery, psychology (btw, if you know about MBTI: I’m an INFJ-T type, and I’m quite proud about it, although I’d sometimes like to be an ENFJ, INFP or INTP *sigh*), mental illnesses, veganism, etc. Maybe even some recipes and a room tour (to give you some inspiration), but we’ll see.
Now I’m first gonna upload some of my older texts from Instagram, and as time passes by, there will come texts that are more up-to-date. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you’ll like it! For improvement suggestions just leave a comment or contact me on Instagram.
In love,
little starcatcher